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Hertfordshire Natural History Society

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Our native Wild Daffodils (Narcissus pseudonarcissus) at Stocking Springs Wood NR (HMWT), Wheathampstead on 16 March 2014. There are a good number of blooms this year in several patches all looking lovely in the sunshine. Image by Christopher Piner

Female Common Toad carrying a male in woodland at Tewin on 17 March. Image by Joe Gray, see more at Joe's blog.

Please add your photographs of Hertfordshire wildlife to our Flickr site or send them to Steve Chilton, our photo editor and he will post the most interesting ones on the website and galleries.

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Hertfordshire Naturalist 2013

Now available featuring these beautiful aliens - Rosemary Beetles - on the cover.
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Information on Wildlife events in Hertfordshire here diary of events, field trips and meetings

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We promote the study and recording of wildlife in Hertfordshire and encourage a wider interest in natural history including the conservation of wildlife, habitats and geological features.

Our members share an interest in nature and observing and studying wildlife. We get real value from your observations by co-ordinating and compiling everyone’s records to build up a comprehensive picture of the state of wildlife in the county. This helps us understand how it is changing over time in response to the pressures of modern life and climate change.

Photos of Hertfordshire wildlife can be found in the photo galleries here and in the Flora group and Bird Club websites.

We have been studying and documenting the natural history of our county for over 130 years. We endeavour to cover all branches of natural history relevant to Hertfordshire.

We encourage wildlife recording. You can submit your records on line for birds here and for mammals, amphibians, reptiles and dragonflies here.

We have a network of 26 county wildlife recorders who are experts in their field and collate the records for specific groups, such as birds, mammals, insects and flowers. Their reports are published in our annual journals, The Hertfordshire Naturalist and The Hertfordshire Bird ReportLearn more…

HNHS 1875 Awards for natural history in Hertfordshire - 2013 Awards  – find out more
We have also published books on specific subjects, including
Hertfordshire Geology and Landscape,
Flora of Hertfordshire

Moths of Hertfordshire, 
Dragonflies and Damselflies of Hertfordshire,
Mammals, Amphibians and Reptiles of Hertfordshire

and Breeding Birds of Hertfordshire.

We have specialist groups that focus on birds, moths and flora and close links with other local groups such as Butterfly Conservation.

Membership is open to anyone, whether or not you live in the county.

The Society depends on voluntary donations and annual subscriptions from members all of which are devoted entirely to carrying out our work, as all officers are honorary.
Specialist groups:

Herts bird club
Butterfly group
Herts Moth Group
Flora group

​Heartwood Forest – monitoring the wildlife

The success of the HNHS and Herts Bird Club websites depends on the skills and dedication of many people, for which we are very grateful; we should particularly like to acknowledge the excellent work of the photographers.

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Injured animals and birds – neither HNHS nor Herts Bird Club is equipped to help, please follow these links for advice on what to do:

The RSPCA the national charity that gives help and advise on sick and injured birds and animals.

RSPB has advice on injured and orphaned birds.

Tiggywinkles and the Swan Sanctuary have advice and also take in wild birds in need of care.

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HNHS news

Celebrating one million moth records in Hertfordshire

Celebrating the millionth moth record, as part of Hertfordshire’s longest running 'citizen science project' recording moths in the county. We presented the finder, Graeme Smith, with a special award at the Herts Moth Group meeting on 22 March.
To find out more about the moth and its finder follow this link

Who will you nominate for the Society's 1875 Awards for 2014?

The 1875 Awards are named after the year the Society was founded and are presented each year to an outstanding Hertfordshire Naturalist and/or someone who has made an outstanding contribution to natural history in Hertfordshire. We are seeking your nominations now for the 2014 Awards. See the criteria for selecting the award winners and to make you nomination.

Herts Bird Club news

Lots of volunteers needed for new Corn Bunting Survey

​Herts Bird Club - Corn Bunting Survey 2014 - can you help with our countywide survey this year?

This is a co-operative project to undertake a survey of Corn Buntings in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire during 2014. The aim is to establish population estimates for all three counties and identify areas of higher abundance where suitable agricultural schemes could be introduced to maintain numbers. Full details here. Everyone welcome to take part. (photo by Christina Bessant)

Herts Bird Club / BTO Conference 2014 - report

Highlights from an enjoyable afternoon including presentations on the best of birding in Hertfordshire and how information collected in BTO surveys is analysed to benefit birds.

Great places to visit in Herts now!  

Heartwood Forest - Long Term Monitoring.

A joint HNHS and Woodland Trust project to record and monitor the trees, flora and other wildlife at Heartwood as the site develops. More details and all the results here.