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Hertfordshire Wetland Bird Survey results for 2014

06 Nov 2015

The Hertfordshire results of the 2014 Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) are now published on our website, together with results for earlier years, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009

Results for earlier years were published in the Hertfordshire Bird Report for that year. Web publication gives us the opportunity to present the data in ways that are not possible in print.

WeBS is organised nationally by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) and supported by the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT), RSPB and JNCC. Its main aims are to identify population sizes, determine trends in numbers and distribution and to identify important sites for waterbirds across the UK.

In 2014 the Hertfordshire counts were organised by Cath Patrick (Lee Valley from Ware GP south) and Jim Terry (all other sites), and undertaken by dedicated observers each month. Some sites are not counted during the summer months (April to August) but otherwise coverage is very good. 

The Sunday count dates in 2014 were; 19th Jan, 16th Feb, 16th Mar, 20th Apr, 18th May, 15th Jun, 13th Jul, 10th Aug, 7th Sep, 12th Oct, 9th Nov, and 7th Dec. With agreement from the scheme organisers, the Lee Valley counts continue to be undertaken on the previous Saturday.

​Thanks are due to everyone who contributes to this important monitoring scheme, and to Jim Terry, and Cath Patrick for their co-ordination.

We are always looking for new volunteers to help with this national monitoring effort, not only to fill existing gaps in coverage, but also to take on other sites, that may hold significant numbers of wetland birds. The effort involves counting all water-birds at one wetland site once a month on the designated Saturday or Sunday – ideally throughout the year, but most importantly from January to March and September to December.

Please contact Cath Patrick, email: (c/o LVRP, Myddleton House, Bull’s Cross, Enfield, EN2 9HG) or Jim Terry, email: (46 Manor Way, Borehamwood, Herts WD6 1QY) if you would like to help.

Check the WeBS website for more information and contact  (Lee Valley sites) or if you would like to take part.

Web addresses for the tables:

2014 - http://www.hnhs.org/birds/birdreports/2014/Tables2014.htm​

2013 - http://www.hnhs.org/birds/birdreports/2013/Tables2013.htm​

2012 - www.hnhs.org/birds/birdreports/2012/Tables2012.htm

2011 - www.hnhs.org/birds/birdreports/2011/Tables2011.htm

2010 - www.hnhs.org/birds/birdreports/2010/Tables2010.htm

2009 - www.hnhs.org/birds/birdreports/2009/Tables2009.htm

Photographs: Pochard by Helen Cope, Wigeon by Keith Overall and Teal by Paul Higgs.

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