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New book - Butterflies of Hertfordshire and Middlesex

21 Oct 2016

The latest book from HNHS is a comprehensive guide to the butterflies found in Hertfordshire and the former Middlesex, including their status, history, ecology and conservation needs – the first detailed account of butterflies in our area for almost 30 years.

Written by our county recorder, Andrew Wood, Butterflies of Hertfordshire and Middlesex you can buy it now at the special price of £19.99 – a saving of £14 on the full price.

Illustrated with hundreds of colour photographs taken in the two counties, the 272-page book is designed in the same attractive A4 format as Birds of Hertfordshire and other HNHS atlases. It includes current and historic distribution maps for all 34  resident and migrant species recorded in recent years. Former resident species are also described and discussed, including likely reasons for their disappearance. There are also descriptions, with maps and visitor information, of more than 50 publicly accessible 'top spots' where butterflies, including rarer species, can be seen.

Andrew Wood, the author, is well-known to many HNHS members as the Hertfordshire recorder for butterflies and records collator for Butterfly Conservation's Hertfordshire and Middlesex Branch. The book reflects his expertise gained from a lifelong enthusiasm for observing, recording and writing about butterflies and moths.

Everyone interested in seeing and appreciating butterflies in our area – or in gaining greater understanding of their ecology at a time of significant habitat and and climatic change – will want to own this informative and beautiful book - an excellent Christmas present!


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