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Welcome to the website of the
Herts Flora Group

Herts Flora Group operates under the auspices of the Hertfordshire Natural History Society. It is an informal group and open to anyone who has a special interest in the wild plants of the County.

There is no specific membership fee (although we hope you will become members of HNHS, as well as the Botanical Society of the British Isles). 

New - Newsletter, spring 2015, read and/or download. Previous editions also available here: May 2012 Newsletter and 2014 newsletter,

Events 2015: See the Activities page for our 2015 programme of field meetings and Heartwood monitoring project.

New Flora recording - please send your flora records to Trevor James, view and/or download a copy of the Hertfordshire Flora Recording Card 

Herts online flora recording now up and running
Follow this link to go to the newly set-up online recording system for the Herts Flora Group.
Anyone can join in.
First you must 'register’ with county flora recorder, Trevor James. This is to avoid the recording system being swamped by spam.
Send your user name, password and preferred email address to Trevor at trevorjjamesATbtinternet.com
Your password must have a mix of letters and numbers and upper and lower case.
On the new system you can load up photos of your finds as well as easily submit a record. You can also keep tabs on your own records. Your records will be rapidly ‘validated’ before being passed on to those who need to use them, including the National Biodiversity Network and our own database.
We hope you enjoy using the system.

The Flora Group has run a range of field meetings to study the County’s flora since the early 1990s, and members of the group carried out much of the field work for the Flora of Hertfordshire published in 2009. We also participate in national surveys, such as those to record for the New Atlas of the British and Irish Flora and the BSBI’s monitoring work.

Contact the Herts Flora Group:
Trevor James
Hertfordshire County Recorder for Higher Plants
56 Back Street, Ashwell, Baldock, SG7 5PE
Telephone: 01462 742684
Email: trevorjjames AT btinternet.com

Pyramidal Orchid at Kings Meads, July 2012, photograph by Steve Chilton

Flora of HertfordshireBookshop - Flora of Hertfordshire

By Trevor James

This beatiful and informative book is available directly from the HNHS for a special price of £29 plus postage and packing (cover price £49.50).
For full details click here.  Updates to this account are also published in the Hertfordshire Naturalist annually.


Herts bird club

The Pasque Flower
Pulsatilla vulgaris
Hertfordshire's County Flower

The slopes of Therfield Heath, near Royston, are vibrant with the trumpets of Pasque Flowers in late March-early April and are a magnificent sight.

Are you photographing flowers?

Look at the stunning photographs on our HNHS Flickr pages, follow this link and click on 'more photos' for the lightbox show.

Harebell photographed by Steve Chilton
Harebell, photographed by Steve Chilton


Hets Flora Group Newsletter - spring 2015

Flora recording card 2015

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