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Checklist of Herts Flora  


This page is under development; the checklist of Hertfordshire Flora will be added at a later date

The recently published Flora of Hertfordshire has a full list of all the plants found during the Flora survey and from historical times. 

Hertfordshire Flora

Have a look at the Flora photo gallery - the Gallery is edited by Steve Chilton - please send him your recent photos for display on the website and or inclusion in the Hertfordshire Naturalist

The gallery is for images of Hertfordshire wild flowers. Please send us recent photographs of all the interesting flowers you find and don’t forget to include your best shots of the more common species too. Try to include both English and Latin names where possible but if you are unsure about identity, send the pictures in anyway. Please email them to Steve Chilton and a selection will be added to the gallery. We may also use some of them on our home page.

© Copyright remains with the photographers and pictures should not be used without written permission. A list of photographers is acknowledged here 

Flora records

Please send your records to Trevor James 

A full list of the flora found in Hertfordshire during the Herts Flora survey is published in our book Flora of Hertfordshire, together with distribution maps for most species and - see home page for details of how to purchase a copy