Rare Bird Decisions 2016 - Update

The Rarer Birds in Herts page has been updated for 2016 rare species records. Click here to view.

The page gives the status of records submitted to the Herts Rare Birds Panel that are being or have been assessed for all years since 2008.

The species on the Hertfordshire list needing descriptions are shown here.

1st confirmed Herts Peregrine breeding success - not one but TWO!

In recent years Peregrines have become an increasingly welcome sight in Hertfordshire with a 60% increase in sightings over the last five years. Pairs have been seen in spring, courtship behaviour witnessed and juveniles present in the latter part of the year, but, despite the best efforts of Herts birders, breeding remained a possibility only......until now! New information received - read on for details

House Martin Nest Study 2016-7

House Martin Nest Study 2016-7

to take part in the 2017 survey organised by the BTO and supported by Herts Bird Club, follow the highlighted link.