Aldenham Reservoir and Country Park

Aldenham Reservoir and Country Park is a 65 acre reservoir with a circular footpath and 175 acres of woods and meadow land. The area also contains adventure playgrounds and rare breeds farm animals. There is angling, a nature trail, horse-riding and a refreshment kiosk. The kiosk is generally open daily from Easter until the end of October and on weekends and school holidays throughout the year. Occasionally the kiosk may close on days of bad weather. However, it may open on fine days in the winter.

Amwell Nature Reserve

Amwell Nature Reserve is a complex of lakes, reedbeds, grassland, scrub and woodland in the Lee Valley, located south of Ware. The lakes were created by sand and gravel extraction between1973 and 1990 by St Albans Sand and Gravel, which then became RMC Aggregates, which in turn was taken over by Cemex. Cemex continued ownership until December 2006 when it was bought by Herts and Middx Wildlife Trust, which will ensure that its status as one of the best birding sites in Hertfordshire will be safeguarded for the future.

Cheshunt pits - lower Lee Valley

The map below shows the name of the numerous gravel pits that exist in the lower Lee Valley area, places where parking is available in the area and the Hertfordshire/Essex county boundary.

East Hyde

East Hyde is one of the few easily accessible areas of water meadow along this stretch of the Upper Lea Valley. Situated on the Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire border the area can be reached along the B653, Lower Luton Road and is approximately 1.5 miles north-west of Batford and 4 miles south-east of Luton (TL 129172). A map can be found here.

King's Meads

King’s Meads, between Hertford and Ware, are the largest remaining grazed riverside flood meadows in Hertfordshire, covering 96 hectares or 237 acres. The rivers and ditches, which criss-cross the site, traditionally flooded the flat land although, due to falling water levels, this now happens less often than in the past. However, ditch restoration and the maintenance of a system of sluices is gradually restoring the water levels to the meadows during the winter months.

Maple Lodge Nature Reserve

Maple Lodge Nature Reserve at Maple Cross reopened on Easter Sunday after a period of closure. Maple Lodge remains a members only reserve.

Maple Lodge is a wonderful 40 acre nature reserve consisting of lakes, marsh, hedgerows and wooded plantation. The reserve is in Maple Cross near junction 17 of the M25 (see the Lodge Map page for location details). It can be accessed by members any time of the year. Details regarding membership and access can be found on their website Maple Lodge Conservation Society, enquiries about membership telephone? 07580 535986.

Tring Reservoirs

Tring Reservoirs attract all kinds of wildlife and are recognised as one of the best sites in the region for wintering wildfowl. The reed beds hold breeding warblers and Reed Buntings in the summer and one of the largest heronries in Herts is at Wilstone Reservoir. Autumn and spring migration can bring in some exciting birds, however Tring Reservoirs are worth a visit at any time of year.

Tyttenhanger Gravel Pits

The Tyttenhanger area is one of the best places in Hertfordshire to see a wide variety of bird species, including wetland specialists. The site comprioses an area of active and restored gravel pits and woodland between London Colney and Colney Heath. There is plenty of other wildlife around too.

Verulamium Park and Lake

Verulamium Park is a large park situated on the south west side of the city of St Albans. The park and the lake were created in the 1930s from what was at the time agricultural land. Most of the park lies within the walls of the Roman town of Verulamium and some of the walls can still be seen within the park. The Verulamium museum devoted to everyday life in Roman Britain is found at the North West end of the park at TL137073.