This national survey is ongoing.

BTO Tawny Owl Point and Calling Surveys – still time to participate 

The above surveys form part of  the BTO Project Owl and are on-line surveys, although paper recording forms can be downloaded or requested.


The Point Survey 
It was originally intended that this survey would be repeated in February – March 2019, however, the BTO have decided against this due to the practicality of conducting visits at the required times at this time of year. It has also been decided that there will be no repeat of the survey in autumn 2019. Preliminary results are available which indicate some decline in this, our most common owl species, although more will be reported later.


The Calling Survey
This survey is ongoing and the BTO are hoping to enlist 10,000 volunteers. So far over 7,500 people have taken part. The survey requires volunteers to listen for Tawny Owls from their garden (or other easily accessed location) on one occasion each week from September 30th 2018 to March 31st 2019 for 20 minutes between sunset and midnight, or as many weeks as you are able to listen. This survey can be joined at any time so there is still time to participate.

Full details of the survey can be found on the BTO website at Tawny Owl Calling Survey.