We promote the study and recording of wildlife in Hertfordshire and encourage a wider interest in natural history including the conservation of wildlife, habitats and geological features.

Our members share an interest in nature and observing and studying wildlife. We get real value from your observations by coordinating and compiling everyone’s records to build up a comprehensive picture of the state of wildlife in the county. This helps us understand how it is changing over time in response to the pressures of modern life and climate change.

Pseudococcyx posticana​Redwing in snow, December 2017 (© Tim Hill)

Winter is with us and the first fall of snow provided keen photographers among our members with the opportunity to view garden and other wildlife in a different light. Photographs of Hertfordshire wildlife can be emailed (in jpg format) to photogallery@hnhs.org. The pictures we receive are published in the HNHS photo galleries here, while others can be found in the Flora group and Bird Club websites

All the latest natural history news can be found on our news page. The latest and past newsletters can be downloaded here.