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What to look for in…JULY

This month sees the return movement of many birds begin in earnest and notably with the waders.  Wetland sites should expect to see an increase in Lapwing, Little Ringed Plover & Green Sandpiper numbers while a variety of other wader species are possible.  Redshank, Greenshank, Common Sandpiper, and Black-tailed Godwit are likely drop-ins with a chance of something rarer.

Our duck populations’ annual moult is already underway,

Hertfordshire Swift Nests 2024

Swifts have returned and the Herts Bird Club and Hertfordshire Swift groups are asking for all nest records to be submitted in order to better understand the population of this species in the county. 

In 2023 just under 400 nests were found, including 23 in Swift boxes. This year we hope to improve on this figure and find as many nests as possible.

The Local Patch Big Weekend 2024 held on Sat 27th & Sun 28th April

This year’s Local Patch Big Weekend was challenging in more ways than one.  Eleven teams faced the task of finding as many different birds on their local patches over the 48-hour period as possible.  Many of them started bright and early on the Saturday morning only to find that while it was early, it was far from bright!  Instead, heavy rain greeted them and did on and off throughout the weekend.

Conditions at some points were miserable and particular credit must go to those 3 teams who carried out the challenge on foot!  The Harpo No-hoper, The Ver Dippers and the Park Street Part-timer all earned their bonus 20 points for their low carbon, if not muddy, footprint.

Herts Peregrine nests - Watch the action at TWO sites

Peregrine Falcons are an established breeding species in Hertfordshire with several pairs around the county now raising young each year.

This year not one but two of regular sites have live webcams allowing close views of the nests as they progress.

St Albans

For the second year running a webcam is positioned at the nest at St Albans Cathedral. Watch the action live HERE.

Three eggs were laid between 30th March and early April. Go to HMWT St Albans Peregrines to find out more.


Launched 10 April 2024 there is now a webcam following the pair at One YMCA in Watford.

Breeding was first confirmed at the site in 2017 and this year the pair are sitting on four eggs. 

Go to OneYMCA Peregrines to access the webcam and find out more.

Latest Hertfordshire Bird Report

The Hertfordshire Bird Report 2022

The Hertfordshire Bird Report 2022 was published and circulated to HNHS / Herts Bird Club members in November 2023. Transactions of the Hertfordshire Natural History Society, Vol 55 (2) pp. 65-144.

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Herts Invertebrate Project

Read here about how to join this new recording initiative.

Herts Atlas of Mammals, Amphibians and Reptiles

Please submit sightings and field signs of mammals, amphibians and reptiles to our countywide survey, full details at the Herts MARA website.

Hertfordshire Bird Atlas

All the results from the most recent Atlas (2007-12) and both previous atlas surveys available here.

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