Mapping our website records

In 2021 the Herts Bird Club received over 20,000 records, and of these, just over 13,000 have a grid reference attached.  Adding grid references to your records allows us to map species more easily as well as informing other birders where rare and scarce birds can be found.

All 13,000 of these records have been used to create an interactive map showing the 1km squares where the most species have been recorded.  The map can be found here: Herts Bird Club website records 2021 – Google My Maps

Why not use the map to see how many species were recorded in your area, or to get some inspiration for your 2022 birding? If you have outstanding records from 2021, it is not too late to submit them to help fill the gaps.  An updated version of the map will be published later this year, when the records from eBird and Birdtrack are added to the Bird Club database.

This is a new project for the Herts Bird Club, so if you have any comments or suggestions in relation to the map, or would like grid references added to records that you have already submitted in 2021, please contact Graham Knight

The map was created using Google My Maps and with the assistance of the Bedfordshire Natural History Society Map Your Records tool which can be found here

Thank you to everyone that has submitted records, and please keep them coming!

Tyttenhanger GPs Bird Report 2020

The Tyttenhanger Gravel Pits Bird Report for 2020 is now available.

Edited and produced by Ricky Flesher and Peter Christian the excellent 63 page report includes: a review of the year; accounts for all 132 species recorded at Tyttenhanger in 2020; many photos; insightful data and graphics; a breeding birds summary; arrival and departure dates for migrants; species year lists back to 2004, and much more!

Download a copy HERE, it's well worth a read.

Go to Tyttenhanger Site Guide to download reports back to 2011.

Herts Christmas Bird Count 2021

Subject to late records and decisions on rare species the final tally for the 2021 Herts Christmas Bird Count is 112 species; one more than 2020 and a very good total especially given the less than ideal weather!

Two new species were added to the 'Herts Christmas Count list': Dunlin (at Wilstone - Ian Williams) and Little Gull (at Amwell - Steven Brown), bringing the total to 123. Full lists for all years since we started this festive event in 2018 below.

Thank you to everyone that took part and submitted records and best wishes for the new year - with the drake Green-winged Teal at Wilstone (Ben Miller) representing the first website record for 2022 the year has certainly started well! Let's hope there's more to come!

Record Submission Site Updates

Earlier this year we asked for suggestions on updating the list of Sites available when submitting records to the website.

The first batch of changes are now updated on the website and available to use.

Please download Site Updates - Dec-21 to view the 46 new Sites added as well as name changes to existing Sites.

We hope to make further changes next year.

A full list of Sites can be viewed at Bird Club Gazetteer

Thank you to everyone who contributed and please email with further suggestions.

HNHS formally objects to Tyttenhanger housing plan

Hertfordshire Natural History Society and the Herts Bird Club have formally objected to proposals for a 6,000 home village to be built on a site used by nesting Tree Sparrows and other rare and protected wildlife.

The 'Bowmans Cross' development included by Hertsmere Borough Council in its draft Local Plan threatens the last known colony of Tree Sparrows in Southeast England and more than a dozen other bird species on the adjacent Tyttenhanger gravel pits area that have been nationally 'Red-listed' due to conservation concerns. Other protected species recorded in and around the site include Brown Hare and Hedgehog, Common Toad, Great-crested Newt and the Small Heath and White-letter Hairstreak butterflies.

Go to HNHS formally objects to Tyttenhanger housing plan to read the full article

Photo : Tree Sparrow at Tyttenhanger Nov-2020 © Simon West