The Great Herts Autumn Garden Vismig Watch 2020 - Update

26-Sep-20, 3.30pm

Day 25 of the Great Herts Autumn Garden Vismig Watch over and the total species count stands at 72. Why not take some time this autumn to see what is migrating through and over your garden? You may be surprised! With Redwings expected soon who will be the first person to record them?

You can record birds on any and as many days in September and October as you wish or are able to. All counts are welcome: your regular garden species, occasional visitors, as well as those migrating overhead. Enter your counts on this simple GoogleSheet

The Autumn Herts 24-hr Garden Vismig Race

Just one week to go to the The Autumn Herts 24-hr Garden Vismig Race on Saturday 3rd October.  

No need to register; to take part simply enter you counts on the day using the the GoogleSheet above.

And, we are very excited to announce that as with the April event there will be a highly sought after Herts Bird Club mug for the winner! 


Peregrine Breeding Success at Welwyn Garden City

2020 has seen not one, nor two but three pairs of Peregrine breed in Hertfordshire, the highest number to date since the first confirmed pairs in 2017. In total, nine young successfully fledged in 2020: two from a pair at Watford, four from a pair in the north of the county near Hitchin, and for the first time three from a pair at Welwyn Garden City.

And, not only was it the first time a pair have successfully bred at Welwyn Garden City, but, all three of the young were colour ringed; a first for this species in Herts.

Read Barry Trevis and Colin Shawyer's account of this fantastic success below:


The Great Herts Autumn Garden Vismig Watch 2020

Autumn is upon us and while many of us still remain home-based there’s never been a better time to check out what birds might be migrating over or through our gardens.

So during the months of September and October the Herts Bird Club will be asking you to record migration from your garden with the emphasis on visible migration or ‘vismig’.  This means recording counts of any species seen or heard in or from your house/garden during the day or night, including flyovers or birds seen/heard in neighbouring gardens or streets. 

Red Kite with wing tag found in North Herts

On 1 August 2020 Mike Ilett observed that one of eight Red Kites present at Deadman's Hill nr Sandon had a wing tag on both wings. The tags were yellow and the code on both was V3.

This bird (hatched 2018) was ringed on 19 November 2019 near Shaftesbury, north Dorset, 182km from Deadman's Hill.

The ringer notes that re-sighting reports of tagged Red Kites are low so please give those Red Kites you see an extra look; re-sightings of tagged or ringed birds are of great value to ringers to increase their knowledge of the movements of the birds.

If you do see one, or any other colour tagged/ringed species, the project and details of where to send the sighting can usually be found on this excellent website:

Tyttenhanger GPs Bird Report 2018

The Tyttenhanger Gravel Pits Bird Report for 2018, edited and produced by Ricky Flesher and Peter Christian, is available now.

Download you copy HERE