With the breeding season in full swing, the Herts Bird Club would again like to encourage breeding records to be submitted.  These records help us to build a picture of how species are faring, and they add particular value to the Hertfordshire Bird Report

We are happy to receive records of all species, and after the theme of urban birds in 2020, this year we are particularly keen to receive reports of farmland birds such as Grey Partridge, Lapwing, Skylark, Yellow Wagtail, Linnet, Yellowhammer and Corn Bunting

You can help by

adding a grid reference to your record, and also by using the appropriate breeding code from the drop-down menu on the record submission page.  The codes are standard as developed by the BTO and a full list including definitions can be found here

The codes that are considered proof of breeding are:

DD: Distraction-Display (or injury feigning)

UN: Used Nest or eggshells found (occupied or laid within period of survey)

FL: Recently Fledged – recently fledged or downy young, including fledglings being fed

ON: Occupied Nest - Adults entering or leaving nest-site in circumstances indicating occupied nest (including high nests or nest holes, the contents of which cannot be seen) or adults seen incubating

FF: Food or Faecal sac - Adult carrying Faecal sac or Food for young.  Particularly useful at this time of year as many species can be seen gathering food to take back to the nest.

NE: Nest containing Eggs

NY: Nest with Young - seen or heard

These codes can also be used when submitting records via Birdtrack and eBird (the eBird codes vary slightly).

All records are of value although most will not be published on our sightings page. When submitting records, the option for the record not to be shown on the website can be selected if you wish.  In most circumstances, breeding records relating to rare birds will not be published.

We would also like to receive records and photographs of unusual nest locations, to add to last year’s unusual variety which included traffic cones, lampposts and under a bath!