Please read this important update from BTO: BTO and COVID-19. In particular please note:


You may carry out survey work for the following surveys within England, so long as you follow government advice and any additional survey-specific guidance provided by BTO: Breeding Bird Survey, Waterways Breeding Bird Survey, Wetland Bird SurveyHeronries Census, Woodcock Survey, Garden BirdWatch, and Nesting Neighbours. BirdTrack remains open."

For the Breeding Bird Survey please take note the following:

"England, Bailiwicks of Guernsey & Jersey and Isle of Man: You may undertake your BBS visits but please ensure visits take place within three or four days either side of your usual visit date as normal. This is absolutely critical this year as we will largely be working with Late visit only data and need to remain as consistent as possible with this limited dataset. If you can not survey within this timeframe when looking at previous dates for the site, we advise the survey is not carried out for that visit"