Autumn is upon us and while many of us still remain home-based there’s never been a better time to check out what birds might be migrating over or through our gardens.

So during the months of September and October the Herts Bird Club will be asking you to record migration from your garden with the emphasis on visible migration or ‘vismig’.  This means recording counts of any species seen or heard in or from your house/garden during the day or night, including flyovers or birds seen/heard in neighbouring gardens or streets. 

As with the Great Herts Garden Bird Count in April all records count as long as you are in your garden or house at the time.*

Your garden vismig counts should be entered on the Great Herts Autumn Garden Vismig Watch 2020 Google Sheet – instructions are provided on the Google Sheet.  You can record birds on any and as many days in September and October as you wish or are able to.

In addition,

please continue to submit any unusual records or counts of birds in Herts via the Herts Bird Club records submission page.

Highlights will be provided throughout the month on the website and from @hertsbirds on Twitter and you can share your sightings and photos on Twitter using the usual hashtag #hertsbirds

The Autumn Herts 24-hr Garden Vismig Race

As part of the Great Herts Autumn Vismig Watch 2020 we are challenging observers to a 24-hr Garden Vismig Watch on Saturday 3rd October 2020.  This date was voted on Twitter as the day most likely to give the best chance of seeing both departing summer migrants and returning winter birds.  Who knows?  Of course the weather may play a part too!

If you’re up for a challenge then look out for more details nearer the time on the website and from @hertsbirds on Twitter!  There are rumours that another greatly sought after, limited edition mug may be up for grabs as a prize for the most species recorded!!

*For simplicities sake we are not accepting records recorded on equipment (unless the bird was also seen or heard at the time).  These recorded records can still be submitted via the website as usual with a note in the Comments box that equipment was used.