With the welcome return of Swifts to our skies, once again we encourage you to enter your Swift nesting records on Swift Mapper rather than submit them to the bird club website  

Swift Mapper is a website and an app created by the RSPB and Swift conservation groups to map Swifts and their nesting sites.  Full details can be found on the website: Swift Mapper where the app can be downloaded and interactive maps can be found. 

Since the Hertfordshire Bird Report 2020, we have been using records submitted to Swift Mapper when writing our annual reports and would encourage records of screaming parties and particularly nest sites to be entered there rather than our website.  This allows data relating to Swift breeding to be accessed by conservation groups as well as the Herts Bird Club.  In 2022 117 records of natural nests sites were submitted - can we do better this year?

It is of particular help if as much detail of any nest sites or Swift boxes is provided, ideally with the full address of the property where the nest is located.  This allows monitoring of planning applications and comment to protect sites and provide for Swift Bricks in areas where Swifts are nesting

Swift Mapper only accepts records of nesting and screaming parties around nest sites, and so other records such as large flocks over nature reserves should be submitted via our website in the normal way.  Please try to avoid submitting duplicate records to the Bird Club and Swift Mapper as this causes us more work when preparing the annual report.