Promoting Hertfordshire?s birds and their habitats

Herts Bird Club promotes the study and recording of birds in Hertfordshire and encourages a wider interest in natural history including the conservation of wildlife habitats. We have been studying and documenting the bird life of our county for over 130 years.

We are a membership organisation, funded by voluntary subscriptions and donations and run entirely by volunteers. The Herts Bird Club, set up in 1971, grew from the Ornithological section of the Herts Natural History Society. The Society, established in 1875, has always had a strong focus on birds, the first Report on the Birds of Hertfordshire was published in 1878 and has been published (almost) annually ever since. The Society is registered charity number 218418.

Our members share an interest in birdwatching. We get real value from your observations by co-ordinating and compiling everyone?s records to build up a comprehensive picture. This helps us understand how the county?s birds are changing over time in response to the pressures of modern life and climate change. It also lets us all share in the excitement of birdwatching.


The Bird Club's activities aim to:

  • encourage people to observe birds and keep records
  • appoint bird recorders to co-ordinate and collate wildlife records and provide expert advice
  • organise field work and surveys on specific topics to extend our knowledge and to monitor changes, for example the Herts Atlas Project on breeding and wintering birds
  • analyse and archive the records and information
  • publish information, articles and papers on birds  in our journal and where appropriate books on specific topics
  • provide information to support bird conservation
  • encourage networking and exchange of views by hosting an annual Herts Bird Conference
  • support members taking part in individual projects and countywide surveys making use of modern technology to monitor and record birds in the county and their changing fortunes
  • work closely with other County Bird Clubs, British Trust for Ornithology, RSPB and other like-minded organisations
  • promote the conservation of birds, particularly relating to Hertfordshire.

Injured or orphan birds

As an organisation the Herts Bird Club is not equipped to help, please follow these links for advice on what to do: 

  • The RSPCA the national charity that gives help and advise on sick and injured birds and animals
  • The RSPB has advice on injured and orphaned birds
  • Tiggywinkles and the Swan Sanctuary have advice and also take in wild birds in need of care