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Tue 2 Mar 2021 Batch Wood nr St Albans [TL136082] 10+ Redwing, SW corner of golf course (Bill Free)

Batch Wood nr St Albans [TL143088] c.20 Redwing, NW side of golf course (Bill Free)

Borehamwood [TQ189972] 25 Redwing (Alan Lewis)

Broxbourne GP, 1 Common Snipe (Paul Gymer)

Broxbourne GP, 1 Cetti's Warbler, singing (Paul Gymer)

Broxbourne GP, 1 Chiffchaff (Paul Gymer)

Coopers Green GPs - Stanborough GP [TL215110] 23 Wigeon (Steven Pearce)

Coopers Green GPs - Stanborough GP [TL209114] 52+ Fieldfare (Steven Pearce)

Coopers Green GPs - Stanborough GP [TL209110] 1 Stonechat (Steven Pearce)

Cooters End Lane nr Harpenden [TL127159] 5 Linnet (Clifford Smout)

Cooters End Lane nr Harpenden [TL130161] 3 Red Kite (Clifford Smout)

Cooters End Lane nr Harpenden [TL128160] 3 Yellowhammer (Clifford Smout)

East Hyde [TL132167] 1 Chiffchaff, singing softly near farm (Clifford Smout)

Garden Wood (Tyttenhanger area) [TL193047] c.20+ Redwing (Roger Buxton)

Harpenden [TL113156] 2 Lesser Redpoll, on garden feeders with goldfinches. (David Lyons)

Hitchin, c.4 Little Egret (Judy Howlett)

Hitchin [TL191304] 1 Blackcap, female, on bird feeder (Judy Howlett)

Lynsters Farm nr Maple Cross, 2 Oystercatcher (Steve Carter)

St Albans [TL141076] c.10 Redwing, Victoria Playing Field (Bill Free)

Stocker's Farm, 2 Oystercatcher (Steve Carter)

Stocker's Farm, 3 Fieldfare (Steve Carter)

Stocker's Farm, 4 Ring-necked Parakeet (Steve Carter)

Stocker's Farm, 4 Red Kite (Steve Carter)

Stocker's Farm, 2 Shelduck, pair feeding (Steve Carter)

Stocker's Farm, 2 Egyptian Goose (Steve Carter)

Stocker's Lake, 5 Egyptian Goose (Steve Carter)

Stocker's Lake, 2 Cetti's Warbler (Steve Carter)

Stocker's Lake, 2 Redwing (Steve Carter)

Stocker's Lake, 1 Oystercatcher, calling and flying south over lake (Steve Carter)

Tyttenhanger GPs (exact GP not specified) [TL195057] 3+ Tree Sparrow, near mound feeder and in hedges nearby. (Roger Buxton)

Watford [TQ118958] 1 Peregrine Falcon, Waterfields Way; pylon by Colne crossing (David Denham)

Watton at Stone, 4 Red Kite (Anthony Barrett)

Welwyn [TL225157] 1 Blackcap, male, garden (Alex Trollope)

Welwyn [TL225157] 11 Golden Plover, probable, flock flew quickly over garden heading north (Alex Trollope)

Welwyn [TL225157] 2 Siskin, pair on garden feeder (Alex Trollope)

Willowmead nr Hertford, 1 Chiffchaff, on trees in river close to entrance. (Barrie Stockwell)

Mon 1 Mar 2021 Aldenham Reservoir & Country Park [TQ167957] 2 Egyptian Goose, On reservoir near car park. (Gary Mason)

Berkhamsted [SP977079] 1 Siskin, One male in the garden. Siskin common in Berkhamsted, two key flocks around the canal, however this lone male the first in the garden this year, though, potential passage bird? (Ben Miller)

Fairlands Valley Park (Stevenage) [TL253247] 3 Siskin, alders at north end of Environmental Lake (Tom Speller)

Flamstead village [TL073143] 1 Yellowhammer (David McGrath)

Oxhey, 4 Redwing, in garden, Oxhey village. (Geoff Young)

Pishiobury Park, 2 Siskin (John Slee)

Pishiobury Park, 1 Chiffchaff, moving silently north through the Osier Bed (John Slee)

St Albans [TL157073] c.20 Redwing, Clarence Park (Bill Free)

St Albans [TL151075] c.30 Redwing, St Peter's churchyard (Bill Free)

St Albans [TL152062] 5+ Redwing, Alban Way / river (Bill Free)

St Albans [TL158077] 2 Siskin (Chris Ruis)

St Albans [TL158077] 1 Blackcap, Male (Chris Ruis)

St Albans [TL159061] 2 Blackcap, singing males in my garden - one in full song the other in sub-song (Rupert Evershed)

Stocker's Farm, 10 Wigeon (Steve Carter)

Stocker's Farm, 2 Oystercatcher (Steve Carter)

Tyttenhanger GPs - fishing lake [TL190050] 3 Oystercatcher, two chasing off a third bird (which went to Willows Farm Lake). (Steven Pearce)

Welwyn [TL226158] 3 Siskin, on garden feeder (Alex Trollope)