This national survey is planned.

*Due to the spread of COVID-19 this survey is now cancelled with immediate effect. It may be conducted next year*


A repeat of this survey, last performed in 2002, will be carried out this year by BTO/RSPB. The purpose is to assess the importance of both existing and new wet grassland and other breeding wader habitats in England. Volunteers will be required to visit allocated sites on three occasions between mid-April and end of June.

Visits should be at least a week apart and be made between dawn and midday - avoiding cold, wet or windy weather. A map will be provided showing the boundary of your site.

In Herts there are 11 Priority 1 sites (see attached table: Herts Priority 1 Sites), including 7 which were surveyed in 2002. Coverage of these latter sites (highlighted) is essential to be able to compare data with the 2020 survey. There are a further 37 Priority 2 sites, which comprise sites surveyed pre-2002 and Agri-Environment Scheme (AES) fields which comprise Lapwing plots and areas of newly created/improved wet grassland.

For full information and the complete list of sites see the BTO website: -

From the website you can zoom in on the map to see the available sites in Herts, then follow the instructions to register for the survey and request a site to cover. Once allocated you will be able to download a map, instructions and recording form from the website and view further information.