The Hertfordshire Naturalist 2015

The 2015 issue of The Hertfordshire Naturalist was published August 2015, including reports from the country wildlife recorders for all major species groups (except for birds) and other articles about the wildlife and habitats of the county. 

Copies were distributed to current members of the Society in September 2015. Non-members can obtain a copy by contacting the HNHS Secretary, as above.



Report of the HNHS Management Committee for th eyear April 204-March 2015
HNHS County Wildlife Recorders

Recorders? reports:

  • Lichens Andrew Harris
  • Flora Trevor J. James
  • Bryophyes Agneta Burton
  • Mammals, amphibians, reptiles Jenny Jones
  • Spiders Doug Marriott
  • Riverfly monitoring Nina Mayes
  • Dragonflies Roy Woodward
  • Moths Colin Plant
  • Butterflies Andrew Wood
  • Beetles Trevor J. James
  • Bugs Joe Gray

Focus on Dragonflies


  • Andrew Harris, Mark Powell, Paula Shipway, William Bishop and Agneta Burton The lichens of Fir and Pond Woods
  • Martin Parr Maple Lodge Nature Reserve - managing the site for the benefit of wildlife
  • Joe Gray The changing shape of urban woodland in St Albans: A GIS analysis
  • A tribute by Trevor James Gerald Salisbury
  • Alan Burrows Bees and wasps of park and garden
  • Margaret Selby Pingos? What, in Hertfordshire?
  • Michael Clark Apples a field guide
  • Ian Flack and Chantal Helm Introducing the Hertfordshire Mammal, Amphibian and Reptile Atlas Project (MARA) and progress to date
  • Linda Smith Ash dieback in Hertfordshire
  • Andrew Moon Review: Birds of Hertfordshire

Members of the Management Committee, (inside back cover)