Hertfordshire Naturalist 2020 cover

The Hertfordshire Naturalist 2020 (Transactions of the Hertfordshire Natural History Society, Vol. 52 (1), pp. 1-88) was mailed to members in late September and early October  2020.

Contents: Gobions Wood: an important site for bryophytes in Hertfordshire (Sam Buckton)

Obituaries and tributes: Trevor James and Pryce Buckle

A survey of the River Beane Corridor (Bob Thornton)Stream flow in the Bourne Gutter (Nicholas Pierpoint)

Impact of weir removal on river hydromorphology and British bat activity in chalk streams (Laura Lee Kitzinger, Robert Grabowski & Sarah J. Scott)

Ten amazing facts about aphids (Richard Harrington)

Some notable Hertfordshire spider observations in 2019 (Christopher Benton)

Quagga Mussel – our latest Hertfordshire invader? (Colette Sales, Judy England, Tim Johns & Jon Barrett)

Siphlonurus armatus in Hertfordshire (Craig Macadam & Andrew Farr)

Around and about Pirton 95 million years ago (Michael Howgate)

Taking the HNHS Transactions online (David Utting)

Recorders' reports on:

Higher plants (Ian Denholm & Alla Mashanova)
Beetles (Trevor James)
Spiders (David Willis)
Geology (Michael Howgate)
Ants (Phil Attwell)
Amphibians and Reptiles (David Willis)

An online supplement with papers on the ecologicial value of constructing caddisfly (Trichoptera) life-tables (Ronni Edmonds-Brown) and on the Hertfordshire Barbastelle Project (Chantal Helm) is also available. Both papers will appear in The Hertfordshire Naturalist 2021.