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Living in Hertfordshire – the past 100 million years

Hertfordshire is not normally noted for shark-infested waters. But fossil remains have revealed how 50 million years ago the seas covering what became our county were home to ancestors of today's sharks.

This was one among many intriguing insights into the county's geological history provided by chalk micropalaeontologist Haydon Bailey when he gave the online Gerald Salisbury Memorial Lecture on the evening of Wednesday 23 February.

A hundred million years of life in Hertfordshire!

It may be 50 million years too late to go for a sea dip in Hertfordshire, but do make an online date with the postponed Gerald Salisbury Memorial Lecture when chalk landscape expert Haydon Bailey will talk about the county's fascinating geological history (8pm on Wednesday 23 February

Dr Bailey is Chair of Hertfordshire Geological Society and a stratigraphy expert who also lectures at Birmingham University. His lecture will consider what it would have been like in Hertfordshire a hundred million years ago and how it has changed over significant periods in geological time.  He will describe the formation  of the county's chalk scenery and the impact of the Ice Age on its landscape and natural history.