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Herts Flora Group Meetings 2015

Once more this year, the group is focused on the needs of the BSBI 2020 Atlas field recording, and so many of these are in ‘priority’ tetrads as outlined in the Newsletter. One of the meetings is joint with the Herts BNA; another with the Cambridgeshire Flora Group, at their request; and one is slotted in from the BSBI national programme.
All meetings are intended to be all-day events, so please bring lunch and plenty to drink, as well as insect repellents, sun-hats, sun-cream etc. (and rain gear!). As always, be prepared to come with identification books, hand lenses, collecting equipment etc., and to be stationary for lengths of time!
In case you need to know: participants are covered by the general insurance of the Hertfordshire Natural History Society.
No dogs are to be brought on meetings and any children under 16 must be with a responsible adult.

Saturday 18th April Long Deans Nature Reserve area, near Hemel Hempstead (tetrads TL00/X, S)

Leader: Paula Shipway. Meet in the car park down the drive off Bedmond Road (TL086059), 10.00 a.m. Long Deans Meadow is reasonable chalk grassland, and the adjoining wood is partly ancient beech. Much of the rest is secondary habitat. This is a joint visit with Herts BNA, and so will not be an intensive plant recording visit.

Saturday 23rd May Panshanger area (tetrad TL21/W). Leader: Trevor James. Meet at Birch Green (TL292117), 10.00 a.m. We will walk in to the tetrad from the south side along the footpath, and then explore the open areas that have been turned into a country park, with former wet grassland, as well as dry heathy grassland, gravel pit areas and woodland. The Wildlife Trust has done some survey work here, but more is needed for this important site, last visited by the Group in 1989, before all the gravel was dug!

Sunday, 21st June Ashwell (north-east) (tetrad TL24/Q). Leaders: Jonathan Shanklin & Trevor James. Meet at Ashwell War Memorial (TL27253992), 11.00 a.m. The aim of this meeting is to carry out tetrad recording along the County boundary with Cambs. We will start by taking a look at the village cemetery (in Herts), then head north and east along footpaths and bridleways to the under-recorded part of tetrad TL24/Q in Cambs. (v.c.29). We will return via Ruddery Spring and, if time permits, visit Ruddery Pit (in Cambs.) and Ashwell village and its churchyard. Joint with Cambridgeshire Flora Group.

Saturday 4th July Northaw Great Wood (tetrad TL20/X). Leader: Trevor James. Meet at the car park (TL282040), 10.00 a.m. A re-visit to this well-known, but not recently properly recorded site, to find/re-find some of the heath relicts and other species, as well as examining some adjoining areas in the tetrad.

Saturday 1st August Symondshyde area (tetrad TL11/V). Leader: Trevor James. Meet at Coleman Green (avoiding the pub car park) (TL189124), 10.00 a.m. You may have to park up the lane where you can and walk to the pub. We will walk south into the tetrad and visit Symondshyde Wood and adjoining areas, including the recent gravel pits, if we can access them. (Note: the roads around Symondshyde Wood itself are prone to theft from cars).

Sunday 6th September BSBI field meeting – Urban Botanising in Welwyn Garden City. Leader: Prof. Mick Crawley (Imperial College). Mick asked me if I minded him poaching on our territory, and I said – keep it up! The aim is to botanise for urban ‘weeds’ etc. in TL21 WGC area. I know we have plenty in this town to find (it was ‘done’ very well for the Flora by Ann Boucher).

Saturday 12th September Waterford ‘Heath’ area (tetrad TL31/C). Leader: Trevor James. Meet at the car park in Vicarage Lane (TL316149), 10.00 a.m. We will re-record the flora of the former gravel pits, keeping an eye out for late season aliens in particular.

Contact for any of the events - Trevor James, County Plant Recorder, v.c.20: Hertfordshire, 56 Back Street, Ashwell, Baldock, Herts, SG7 5PE, Tel.: 01462 742684; Mobile: 07834 392017 email: trevorjjames@btinternet.com

Flora recording and monitoring at Heartwood:
Ian Denholm, from University of Hertfordshire and Agneta Burton from HNHS are leading the project to record the flora at the newly planted Heartwood forest at Sandridge and then monitor how the flora responds to the developing woodland. Contact Ian for more information and see the Heartwood monitoring pages on HNHS website

Specific flora surveys

If you would like to carry out a detailed survey of a particular Hertfordshire location, please contact Trevor James.


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