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Hertfordshire related links

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Bishop's Stortford Bird Group – a Yahoo group for birding around Bishops Stortford
BTO Hertfordshire Regional News  and information - details of current surveys and results
Friends of Tring Reservoirs – homepage for one of Hertfordshire's premier birding sites.
Hertfordshire Bird Atlas – 2007-2011, chock full of atlas project information relating to Herts.
Hertfordshire Natural History Society – the Places to visit now page is very popular.
Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust – find out about over 40 of their reserves and access the events and training information.
Herts Birding – Yahoo e-group/discussion forum for Herts birding and birds. Includes photo upload facility. Subscribe and receive messages via email or web.
Lee Valley Park wildlife – a great guide to one of the richest areas of birdlife near London.
London Bird Club Wiki –all you need to know about birding in London within a 20 mile radius.
London Natural History Society – comprehensive information about London's wildlife within a 20-mile radius.
Royston Wildlife – it does what it says on the tin.
Rye Meads Ringing Group – the website of this longstanding ringing group.
Stockers Lake – Derek Hale's site includes a site guide, sightings and photos from Stockers Lake (including 1999's Wryneck).
Ver Valley Society – one of the most wildlife rich rivers in the county.


Links to RSPB sites

Main RSPB site

RSPB local groups search page

Other UK and Ireland bird sites

Bedfordshire Bird Club – in case you fancy a change of scene locally. 
Birdguides –  Rarity news via subscription but worth it to get news of ‘lesser’ birds too. Searchable archive by site or species.
Birding.uk.com – a directory of UK birding links.
Birdnet – home of Birdnet, the information service and optics retailer. Also includes UK rarity photo gallery.
Bird Forum – various bird-related discussion forums.
Birds of Britain – online bird magazine, includes news, photos, links and accomodation listing.
Birdtours.co.uk – archive of trip reports from around the world.
Birdwatch – Birdwatch magazine's web site.
British Birding Association - contains the UK400 subscription site and also useful links to Lee Evans's blogs and other related information.
British Birds – the journal's own website.
BritishBirds Rarities Committee website – includes recent rarity decisions and committee press releases.
British Ornithologists’ Union – the official British List is here as well as recent decisions on bird's status.
British Trust for Ornithology – an essential site to visit with links to the past and present bird atlas projects and the Birdtrack recording system.
The Buckinghamshire Bird Club – another local club's website.
Essex Birdwatching Society – if you head east for a day out this is a good resource.
Fatbirder – a  mine of information about birds and birding in both the UK and the rest of the world.
BirdsIreland.com – with Irish bird news and trip guides.
Kent Ornithological Society – a good place to go if you are planning a trip to a bird rich part of England.
Next Generation Birders - a different perspective through the eyes of young birders (age 15-25)
Portland Bill Bird Observatory – the website of this famous bird observatory.
Rare Bird Network  - a free bird sightings network for the UK primarily aimed at Twitter users. It is for both UK and local rarities, the website gives the full information as to how to make the best use of the service.


World links

African Bird Club – an early port of call if you plan a trip to this vast continent.
Association of European Rarities Committees provides links to the relevant organisation.
Bird Studies Canada – home of ornithological research in Canada and the homepages of Long Point Bird Observatory.
Birding Israel – the Israeli birding website.
Dutch Birding Website – some knowledge of Dutch would be helpful if you go here even on the English pages.
Kibbutz Lotan Centre for Birdwatching – includes recent sightings and booking information for the Israeli hotspot.
Ornithological Society of the Middle East - go here if you plan to visit the region, it includes the Caucusus and cental Asia.
Surfbirds – a British/USA collaboration featuring the best birding articles from both sides of the Atlantic, including rarity news, predictions, mystery photos...great site.
Virtual Birder – a fantastic site with virtual bird walks around North American sites. At the moment it includes a trip round Cape May. You can take the virtual tour and identify the birds that you see as you go round, accumulating points and attempting to beat the high scores. There is also a lot of information about birding in North America.
Where do you want to go birding today? – a very useful site full of links for a gamut of world birding sites.



Weather links

Met Office – the first port of call if you are after weather information and forecasts in the UK and all around the world.
Wetterzentrale Top Karten – Georg Mueller's amazing site crammed full of charts from nearly all of the world's meteorological organisations. Some knowledge of German useful, the Google translate function is also helpful here.
National hurricane center – where is that hurricane heading? Will it bring those transatlantic rarities with it? Find out its predicted path here.
BBC weather – another site providing much of the same information as the Met Office site but in a different format.

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