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3rd Jul: Amwell NR - Great Hardmead Lake, 4 Little Egret (Drew Lyness)
Amwell NR - Great Hardmead Lake, 3 Oystercatcher (Drew Lyness)
Harpenden, Red Kite (Francis Dowley)
Lemsford Springs, Mandarin, eclipse male still present (Allan Meadows)
Lemsford Springs, Kingfisher, female (Allan Meadows)
Rye Meads nr Hoddesdon, Green Sandpiper (Drew Lyness)
Rye Meads nr Hoddesdon, Wigeon, from Gadwall Hide (Drew Lyness)
Tyttenhanger GPs - main GP, Ringed Plover (R Coombes/S Blake)
Tyttenhanger GPs - main GP, Hobby (R Coombes/S Blake)
Tyttenhanger GPs - main GP, Red Kite (R Coombes/S Blake)
Tyttenhanger GPs - main GP, 6 Little Ringed Plover, includes at least 2 juv - well grown juveniles, but still thought to have fledged from local birds. (R Coombes/S Blake)
Watton at Stone, Red Kite (Nigel Denison)

2nd Jul: Bury Lake nr Rickmansworth, Egyptian Goose (Charlie Ramsay)
Chess Valley N (NW of M25), Marsh Tit, Frogmore Meadows (Lee G R Evans)
Harpenden, 7 Swift (Francis Dowley)
Lemsford Springs, 3 Grey Wagtail (Drew Lyness)
Lemsford Springs, Mandarin, eclipse male still (Drew Lyness)
Sherrardspark Wood nr WGC, 2 Marsh Tit (Drew Lyness)
Stanborough Lakes nr WGC, 2 Grey Wagtail, on river by fishing lake (Drew Lyness)
Stocker's Lake, 19 Common Tern, 15 adults 4 juv on raft (Charlie Ramsay)
Stocker's Lake, 7 Ring-necked Parakeet (Charlie Ramsay)
Welwyn Garden City, Spotted Flycatcher, Insecting from bushes/railway side, east of Howard centre tunnel. (Roger Jones)

1st Jul: Amwell NR - Great Hardmead Lake, Mediterranean Gull, adult, right of viewpoint (Allan Meadows)
Amwell NR - Great Hardmead Lake, 3 Oystercatcher (Allan Meadows)
Amwell NR - Great Hardmead Lake, 10 Little Egret (Allan Meadows)
Moor Park nr Rickmansworth, 6 Ring-necked Parakeet (Steve Carter)
Moor Park nr Rickmansworth, 2 Swallow (Steve Carter)
Moor Park nr Rickmansworth, Egyptian Goose (Steve Carter)
Panshanger (Welwyn Garden City), Peregrine Falcon, over my garden towards WGC. (Roger Jones)
Rye Meads nr Hoddesdon, Other, Black-bellied Tree Duck, doubtless fresh in from South America. (Alan Harris)
Stocker's Lake, 3 Little Egret (Charlie Ramsay)
Stocker's Lake, 18 Common Tern, 15 adults + 3 juv on raft (Charlie Ramsay)
Wormley, Hawfinch, 2 sightings of Hawfinch in garden (Wormley West End) (Graham White)

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