Between 1995 and 2015 the RSPB estimates a 51% decrease in the number of breeding Swifts in the UK making them an amber-listed species. They need our help.

Local Swift enthusiast Vicky Duxbury is looking for your assistance to identify and survey Swift nest sites and to raise awareness of the decline to help stop this worrying downward trend.

Please find more information from Vicky below. If you are interested in finding out more and helping in whatever way you can please get in touch with Vicky at 

Vicky Duxbury:

“Swifts need our help…

If, like me, you love the sight and sounds of Swifts screaming around the rooftops in the summer months you may be aware that they have seriously declined over the last 20 years. The RSPB reports an estimated 51% decrease in their breeding numbers in the UK between 1995 and 2015 which has made swifts an amber-listed species. 

Help is needed to reduce the decline of nesting swifts across the county by encouraging protection of existing nest sites and creating new ones. 

Can you help to identify existing nest sites and raise awareness of the plight of Swifts in your area? A priority for this year is to identify nest sites and make homeowners aware so if you know of any sites and/or can help survey once the birds start to arrive please get in touch. Our aim in Tring is to identify existing nest sites and encourage owners/landlords to protect these and developers/builders to do so too and to create new nesting opportunities. Although we are focussed on the Tring area, information on nest sites across the whole of Hertfordshire will be gratefully received.

You may also be interested in promoting Swift Awareness Week (June 16th-23rd) where you live by organising an event such as a Swift walk or a Swift talk. Check out the calendar of events at Action for Swifts where there are ideas for things to do and you can add anything planned. In Tring, there will be a Swift talk and walk by Edward Meyer of Swift Conservation at Nora Grace Hall on Tuesday 19th June at 8pm; and  ‘Super swift Swifts’ assemblies at schools, both will take place in Swift Awareness Week (SAW) June 16th-23rd.”

The Boxmoor Trust in Hemel also has a Help the Boxmoor Swifts project underway and are looking for information on existing nest locations in their local area including Hemel Hempstead, Felden and Bovingdon. Please email  or phone on 01442 253300.