Record submission

It would be much appreciated if you could take the time to read the text below and provide the additional details noted.

We only post selected records on the website front page but all records submitted are held in the database and are available for data analysis and the annual report.

Grid reference

Your bird records may help to conserve Hertfordshire's habitats. Please supply an accurate grid reference with your record so that we can pinpoint exactly where your sighting was made. Doing so makes your records more useful, enabling them to be considered for site management and help conservation bodies to protect habitats and the bird they support, as well as helping other observers connect with the birds.

Breeding status

If applicable, please use the dropdown list to indicate the breeding status of your sighting. Use the comments box to provide further details.

Flock sizes

If your count was a single flock or number of smaller flocks, please provide details in the comments box.

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Observation date
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