Update 24 May 2020:

Thank you to everyone who has submitted records so far for the The Great Herts Breeding Bird Challenge which have included a number of unconventional locations!

Blue Tits and Great Tits seem particularly opportunistic. Blue Tits have been observed nesting in: a lamppost, playground equipment, behind a drainpipe, an old gate post, and holes in buildings including: a doctor's surgery, a bike shed, a cafe (same nest 3rd year running) and an

old farmhouse. One pair have been recorded using an old woodpecker hole. Surprising Great Tits nests sites include: a lamppost, a traffic cone and a security camera!

Other species include: starlings nesting in a swift box, robins is a shed, moorhens on a upturned car bumper, several records of Jackdaws nesting in chimneys and a church tower, and a pair of Kestrels nesting in a church tower too.





As part of the The Great Herts Breeding Bird Challenge we'd love to hear about bird nesting in unusual places, or using nest boxes designed for other species.

Like this tweet from Herts birder George Moreton who has House Sparrows squeezing in through a small hole in an external wall and nesting behind his bath panel!  

Please send details to birdweb@hnhs.org