Our new BTO regional rep will show you how to survey birds for the Herts BTO Breeding Bird Survey this spring.

The training session will be on Saturday 26 March at 10.00 in Kings Walden (north Herts) area. Contact our BTO rep Martin Ketcher by email for details..

The BTO/JNCC/RSPB Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) is the main scheme for monitoring the population changes of the UK?s common breeding birds. It is a national volunteer project aimed at keeping track of changes in the breeding populations of widespread bird species in the UK. Wild bird populations are an important indicator of the health of the countryside, and knowing to what extent bird populations are increasing or decreasing is fundamental to bird conservation.

Can you help with BBS 2016? Can you spare just two mornings during April-June to count birds on a local 1-km square for BBS? Information collected by you will help us monitor the changing populations of UK birds and will be widely used for bird research and conservation. There is a fantastic team of Regional Organisers (RO) covering most regions to help you get started with BBS, and online video tutorials talking you through how to enter your data. Why not get in touch with your local RO, Martin Ketcher, now to find out where the nearest available BBS square is?