The Hawfinches in Bramfield chuchyard have once again been showing well for the last couple of weeks with some excellent views and good pictures sent in.

When he was photographing the birds on the 12th of February Friday, Andrew Moon took this picture of a female with both a BTO and yellow colour ring on the left leg. This is the same combination as the ringed bird seen in 2014 and it is almost certain that it is the same individual. This bird had been ringed in April 2011 near Chepstow in the Lower Wye Valley, a straight distance of over 180km (112 miles) away.

Jerry Lewis who ringed the bird has a long term study of Hawfinches in and around the Forest of Dean and in those days marked the birds with a year and site specific colour. The only way we will be able to pin down this down to a specific bird is to be able to read some of the numbers on the metal BTO ring. In this case the metal ring was again not readable.

It is strange that this individual has not been noticed before; has it just arrived or has it been hiding from view?

This is the third winter in recent years with Hawfinches around Bramfield village, it seems likely that all of these birds are wandering wintering birds from this long distance 'recovery'.