A Franklin's Gull - a new species for Hertfordshire - was seen at Amwell NR on 31 January. Read Mike Ilett's account of the discovery of the Franklin's Gull at Amwell NR.

Having heard about the Franklin's Gull at Fen Drayton, Cambridgeshire on Saturday evening I decided to visit Amwell NR the following night with the extremely low probability that it would drop into the Amwell roost; I even flippantly mentioned this to Barry Reed as we walked up to the viewpoint.

There were a fair number of gulls in the roost including two Caspian Gulls,  at around 4.30pm I decided to check through the gulls away from the main roost. In the first scan I picked up a dark backed, black headed small gull with all dark bill and bright white eyebrows, the hunch had come true. I calmly said to Barry that he should take a look at this and he called out Franklin's.

It remained at relatively close range long enough for Barry to take a few photos and video.

It then flew to the back of the roost. After about 20 minutes it flew again and headed down the valley. A first for Hertfordshire and only the second in the London recording area.