This survey is now complete. Many thanks to all of those who sent in records* - our combined efforts have found a total of 5531 nests from 277 rookeries. The interactive map showing the sites and nest counts can be found here

These figures are compared to previous surveys in the table below.

It is surprising to note that the total has increased slightly from the 1993 survey despite widespread belief that Rooks are in decline

Year 1975 1980 (partial) 1993 2015 (partial) 2021
Nest Count 8,466 1,918 5,435 3,343 5,531

If you are aware of further rookeries please submit details to the website record submission page. Alternatively, details can also be sent by email to Graham Knight who would also be pleased to receive any feedback or errors relating to the map:

*Particular thanks go to Chris Ruis, Murray Orchard and Tom Speller who made the survey possible by each sending in hundreds of nest records