On Tuesday 24 August 2021 Barry Trevis, warden of Lemsford Springs nature reserve, received an email from Juan Manuel Pérez de Ana detailing a sighting of a colour-ringed Green Sandpiper at the Wetland of Las Llamas, Santander, northern Spain. The bird, bearing red over white rings on its right leg and yellow on its left was seen and photographed by Juan at Las Llamas at around 6.30pm on 24 August. It was ringed as a juvenile at Lemsford on 31 July 2018.

Not only was this the first recovery from Spain of a Green Sandpiper ringed at Lemsford, but it was also seen by Barry at Lemsford at 4pm on Monday 23 August - just the day before it was in Spain. The bird had therefore travelled the 963km from Lemsford to Las Llamas within 26.5 hours!

Read more about this exciting record in the finder's blog at http://marismasdesantona.blogspot.com/2021/08/andarrios-grande-963-km-en-26-horas-y.html

Photo: colour-ringed Green Sandpiper 'Red/White - Yellow' at Lemsford Springs on 12 August 2021 © Peter Finney