In 2021 the Herts Bird Club received over 20,000 records, and of these, just over 13,000 have a grid reference attached.  Adding grid references to your records allows us to map species more easily as well as informing other birders where rare and scarce birds can be found.

All 13,000 of these records have been used to create an interactive map showing the 1km squares where the most species have been recorded.  The map can be found here: Herts Bird Club website records 2021 – Google My Maps

Why not use the map to see how many species were recorded in your area, or to get some inspiration for your 2022 birding? If you have outstanding records from 2021, it is not too late to submit them to help fill the gaps.  An updated version of the map will be published later this year, when the records from eBird and Birdtrack are added to the Bird Club database.

This is a new project for the Herts Bird Club, so if you have any comments or suggestions in relation to the map, or would like grid references added to records that you have already submitted in 2021, please contact Graham Knight

The map was created using Google My Maps and with the assistance of the Bedfordshire Natural History Society Map Your Records tool which can be found here

Thank you to everyone that has submitted records, and please keep them coming!