Throughout the month of April the Herts Bird Club will be running The Great Herts Garden Bird Count. The aim to see how many species we can record in or from our Hertfordshire gardens from 1 April - 30 April.

The rules are simple: any species seen or heard in or from your house/garden. Flyovers or birds seen/heard in neighbouring gardens or streets all count as long as you are in your garden or house at the time.

No need to register, simply submit your garden records to the Herts Bird Website and enter the word 'garden' in the Comment field.

Individual Awards

As well as a county wide count there will be individual awards for:
- The garden which records the highest number of species 1 April - 30 April (first to reach the total wins in the case of a draw)
- The garden which records the 2nd highest number of species 1 April - 30 April
- The best bird recorded (based on fewest number of historical records). First to record the species wins



Running totals will be provided throughout the month on the website and from @hertsbirds on twitter and you can share your garden sightings and photos on twitter using the hashtag #hertsgardenbirds

Get the family involved. And whilst counting and watching garden birds why not make a note of other species groups visiting your garden such as butterflies, bees, beetles, amphibians & mammals and submit records to HNHS or via a wildlife recording App such as irecord.