A new BTO survey - English Woodland Birds - Get Involved!

A BTO new survey for 2019 plans to provide data on how birds have colonised woods planted in farmland. 

Since 1988, over 22,000 farm woods have been planted in England.  The woods are mostly small, between 1 and 5 hectares in size, which will make survey coverage quite quick and straightforward.  These farm woods were planted in a wide variety of settings, ranging from complete isolation through to alongside existing established woodland. This provides a very interesting natural experiment to assess how well birds have colonised these new woodlands on farmland.

Go to the Survey and Projects page for further information including how to register.


Outstanding 2018 Records and Descriptions

If you have any outstanding records and/or descriptions for 2018 it would be greatly appreciated if you could submit them as soon as possible.

Thank you

Hertsmere Local Plan - Proposed Development at Tyttenhanger

Read the Herts Bird Club and HNHS objections to the proposal here.

Hertsmere Borough Council have released a public consultation document covering a number of potential sites for housing and employment. One of the sites 'H2' is a proposed 'garden village' at Tyttenhanger covering a large area either side of Coursers Road and incorporating Tyttenhanger Farm and New Plantation Wood.

The full plan can be accessed at Local Plan Hertsmere by downloading the pdf document 'final version of our sites document'. Page 10 shows a map highlighting the various sites proposed for development including 'H2' at Tyttenhanger which is explained in more detail on pages 146-149. This development would undoubtedly impact negatively on the wildlife at Tyttenhanger, including, of course, the local Tree Sparrow population which is the last remaining colony in Hertfordshire and one of the last in the whole of the south east of England.