Herts Little Egret recorded in the Azores!

Since 2014 Little Egrets have bred within the heronry at Verulamium Park with one nest then increasing to four nests there in 2018. Barry Trevis and his team have been ringing and colour-ringing the young there during this time with 34 birds ringed. A further 10 Little Egret chicks have been ringed at Stanborough Lakes since 2016. Also some full-grown Little Egrets are ringed at Lemsford Springs. The main purpose of the ringing is to monitor the movements, distribution and survival rates of this recently colonized species to the UK.

Herts Bird Photo of the Year 2018 - Winner!

Many congratulations to Derek Girvan whose excellent image of a Black-Headed Gull at Marsworth Reservoir was voted Herts Bird Photo of the Year 2018 at the Herts/BTO?Bird Conference on 2 March 2019.

Wader Tales - Green Sandpipers at Lemsford Springs

In his latest WaderTales blog, Graham Appleton has worked with Ken Smith, Mike Reed & Barry Trevis to tell the tales of territorial Green Sandpipers at Lemsford. 

Go to Winter Territories of Green Sandpipers to read the article.

This is the 67th blog in the WaderTales series, each of which translates recent research information about waders into an article that will appeal to birders. Graham is the former Communications Director for BTO.

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Photo: Green Sandpipers at Lemsford Springs 5 August 2018 ? Alan Reynolds

A new BTO survey - English Woodland Birds - Get Involved!

A BTO new survey for 2019 plans to provide data on how birds have colonised woods planted in farmland. 

Since 1988, over 22,000 farm woods have been planted in England.  The woods are mostly small, between 1 and 5 hectares in size, which will make survey coverage quite quick and straightforward.  These farm woods were planted in a wide variety of settings, ranging from complete isolation through to alongside existing established woodland. This provides a very interesting natural experiment to assess how well birds have colonised these new woodlands on farmland.

Go to the Survey and Projects page for further information including how to register.