1st confirmed Herts Peregrine breeding success - not one but TWO!

In recent years Peregrines have become an increasingly welcome sight in Hertfordshire with a 60% increase in sightings over the last five years. Pairs have been seen in spring, courtship behaviour witnessed and juveniles present in the latter part of the year, but, despite the best efforts of Herts birders, breeding remained a possibility only......until now! New information received - read on for details

House Martin Nest Study 2016-7

House Martin Nest Study 2016-7

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Herts Bird Club Conference 2017 report

On Saturday 11th March 2017 the annual Herts Bird Club/BTO conference was hosted by Affinity Water in Hatfield. Despite the lure of the mild spring weather and the first trickle of spring migrants starting to arrive it was well attended by over 100 people. The chair of the Herts Bird Club, Peter Delaloye addressed the conference and thanked everyone for their support over the past year.