BTO Tawny Owl Survey - Update: Calling Survey now open

Update 30 September 2018:

The Tawny Owl Calling Survey is now open. All you need to do is listen for Tawny Owls for 20 minutes each week, from 30 September to 31 March. The more weeks that you can listen the better - but you can do as many or as few weeks as you are able.

Sign up at:

Tawny Owl Calling Survey


As part of Project Owl the BTO are looking for volunteers to take part in a couple of Tawny Owl surveys, which it?s hoped will run from this autumn to spring 2020.

The first of these is called the Tawny Owl Point Survey which starts this autumn from mid-August until mid-October. It requires volunteers to undertake two 20 minute long evening visits, within the two hours after sunset, to the middle of their allocated tetrad and to record any Tawny Owls heard. The intention is to repeat again next spring, from mid-February to mid-March and, funding permitting, again in autumn 2019/spring 2020.

Interested? Check out available squares, including many still available in Herts, and sign up for one at:

Tawny Owl Point Survey

It is hoped to cover all the priority tetrads.

There will also be a Tawny Owl Calling Survey. This is easily done from people?s gardens, or local green space, and entails spending 20 minutes listening for Tawny Owls on one evening per week from 30 September to 31 March.

Registration for this survey will be possible soon.

Penduline Tit at Tyttenhanger - a new species for Herts

Following on from his White-winged Black Tern find at Tyttenhanger last Autumn, Steve Blake once again struck patch gold this time adding a new species to the Herts list. Read Steve's account of his find below.

" Monday, 16th April 2018

After what felt like a never ending wet and cold winter, today felt more like spring had finally arrived!  Although some migrant birds were already on site, I had a few target birds in mind, planning to cover the whole site in pursuit of those species.