The Second Herts Garden Vismig Watch – September & October 2021

With autumn fast approaching and birds on the move once again we will be running The Second Herts Garden Vismig Watch during September and October following the success of last year’s event.  For those who took past last year, it’s an opportunity to better your totals or add new species and for the uninitiated it is perhaps an opportunity to get to grips with ‘garden vismig’ for the first time!

‘Vismig’ or ‘vismigging’ is simply the activity of observing and recording bird migration as it happens visibly – through our gardens and overhead.  Autumn sees the departure of our summer visitors – Swallows, terns, Yellow Wagtails and so on – and the arrival of winter visitors – Redwing, Fieldfare and Golden Plover among others.  There is a lot of ‘bird traffic’ so the chance of this crossing through your garden or over it is much higher than at other times of the year.

Site Update

In an effort to ensure the website list of Sites is current, make record submission easier, and to address any missing locations, we are reviewing our list of Sites and Site names used for record submission & publication.

If you have any suggestions for consideration such as:

  • new Sites
  • renaming existing Sites
  • splitting existing Sites into multiple Sites

please email with details by 31 August 2021.

Use Birdtrack or eBird to submit Hertfordshire records? Where possible, please use the same Site names as used on Herts Bird Website.

Bird Photos

During the current quiet spell we thought it a good idea to publish some of the excellent photos of rare & unusual species we received earlier in 2021 which due to the lockdown restrictions we were unable to publish at the time. Look out for them on the front page!

Breeding records and unusual nest locations 2021

With the breeding season in full swing, the Herts Bird Club would again like to encourage breeding records to be submitted.  These records help us to build a picture of how species are faring, and they add particular value to the Hertfordshire Bird Report

We are happy to receive records of all species, and after the theme of urban birds in 2020, this year we are particularly keen to receive reports of farmland birds such as Grey Partridge, Lapwing, Skylark, Yellow Wagtail, Linnet, Yellowhammer and Corn Bunting

You can help by