Hertfordshire Rookeries 2021 - Survey Complete

This survey is now complete. Many thanks to all of those who sent in records* - our combined efforts have found a total of 5531 nests from 277 rookeries. The interactive map showing the sites and nest counts can be found here

These figures are compared to previous surveys in the table below.


Please be aware the farmer is not happy about birders trespassing off the public right of way to view the pit. Discussions are underway to agree temporary access but these may be jeopardised by disrespectful behaviour from birders, unfortunately witnessed yesterday. Please in the meantime only view from the track which is a public right of way and do not cross fences.

Power company takes swift action

When the North East Herts Swift Group needed a nesting box installed high up on a village hall before swifts returned from Africa, a power company flew in to help.

A team from UK Power Networks brought in a cherry picker and installed the specially-made box on the village hall in Albury near Bishops Stortford, just in time to offer an attractive nesting home for the migrating swifts.

Herts 48-hr Garden Bird Race – Winners Announced

The weekend of 17th-18th April saw 17 gardens take part in the first Herts 48-hr Garden Bird Race.  As well as points being awarded for species according to their rarity, additional bonus points were available for extra special sightings such as “4 or more species of raptor” or for the “Wagtail Triple” – all three species of wagtail recorded.  In all 89 different species were recorded over the weekend with over 1,100 points being accumulated. Go to 48hr Garden Bird Race to view full counts and species list.